Simmons Medical Clinic, P.A. and Center for Health & Wellness



Patients are our priority; results are our mission.

We choose to focus on you and the pursuit of your best self through integrated wellness.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and WHO-LOGOsocial well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” – Preamble of World Health Organization Constitution 1948

Health. Harmony. Balance.

Simmons Medical Clinic brings to individuals and corporations an economical way to receive education and empowerment in taking a proactive approach to their own wellness and at the same time meet their needs for primary care medicine. Simmons Medical Clinic looks at ways to enhance an individual’s experience of being alive to optimize the actions to remain healthy and at the same time provides for taking care of those medical needs that exist or may arise.

Through a unique approach that allows individuals access to a physician as needed without the transactional (fee for service) costs associated with a traditional office visit. The savings to individuals can result in meeting their healthcare needs without the expensive out of pocket expenses of office visits and a the same time providing education on ways to stay healthy.

Corporations benefit when their employees are able to take care of their health and wellness needs at times that are convenient for the patient often times without even leaving the worksite. Ultimately saving money as employees continue to work and still take care of their healthcare needs.

The Time is Now

Simmons Medical Clinic is now. Individuals and corporations are finding the costs of healthcare are rising rapidly with diminishing returns. Relationships between physicians and patients are declining. The out of pocket expenses are escalating. Insurance companies and government are interjecting themselves into the exam room and are making most of the decisions around individual’s health in accordance to how it affects the company bottom line. The time is now for patients to take back control of their healthcare decisions and the costs in an efficient and effective while enhancing the relationship with their doctor.