Simmons Medical Clinic, P.A. and Center for Health & Wellness


A unique approach to wellness medicine.

Simmons Medical Clinic is a physician run clinic that incorporates many different modalities into a wellness model that is designed to educate and empower individuals to live their optimal life. Simmons Medical Clinic is capable of promoting wellness through incorporation many different modalities of medicine

Traditional Medicine (Disease based): providing the ability to care for many of the conditions an individual sees a primary care physician for and coordinating care with specialists

Preventive Medicine: Providing the ability to order and review tests that are recommended for early detection of medical conditions

Functional Medicine: Providing the ability to look deeper into the cause of medical conditions and to look at the imbalances in the system either prior to or with onset of symptoms to stop the decline into disease

Lifestyle Medicine: Providing the ability to educate and empower people into looking at and implementing lifestyle changes that can enhance wellness and enhance the experience of being healthy

Relationship Medicine: Providing the ability to look deeper into one’s relationship to self and others and set a course that will reduce stress and anxiety that leads to so much dysfunction in the health of the individual and society in the hopes of enhancing the ability to enjoy life.

Medicine developed out of the need to treat those afflicted by infection or those suffering from a traumatic event. Both infection and trauma were caused by external forces place on the body that resulted in some disruption of the body’s overall function. This alteration in function resulted in the body diverting some of its resources for homeostasis and balance to areas that were suffering. This brought about dis-ease which required and outside intervention to correct an external impact on the body. Traditional medicine has not changed from this model and continues to treat every dis-ease as an infection or trauma requiring an outside intervention.

Wellness medicine is a combination of traditional medicine, but so much more in so many ways. Wellness medicine is about finding the imbalance that has occurred within the system that left to its own devices results in dis-ease and dys-function. This dis-ease and dys-function continued unaddressed leads to a decline in overall health and enjoyment of life. Wellness medicine utilizes not only traditional (dis-ease) based medicine, but also preventative medicine, functional (reestablishing balance) medicine, lifestyle (nutritional and exercise) medicine and relationship medicine to enhance the overall health of the individual so that life can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Meet our Medical Director

Dr. Michael Simmons is a classically trained family practice physician and is recognized as one of the top anti-aging doctors in the country. He has chosen to specialize in functional medicine to optimize the health of his patients rather than depending on treating illness to support his business.

He began his career in healthcare at the age of 17 with a dream of becoming a doctor and making a difference. He persevered, overcoming many challenges, and worked tirelessly to put himself through school.

In 2001, after working a 60 hour shift, Dr Simmons suffered a stroke which left him with a clotting disorder and wheelchair bound. Tests and many specialists provided no answers for Dr. Simmons. After suffering a second stroke in 2002 a physician in Kansas City introduced him to hormone therapy as a form of treatment. By educating himself on the role of hormones in wellness he utilized IV nutrition and supplements which brought him back to a full recovery. His personal results shifted the way he practiced medicine. He currently enjoys the freedom of skiing, traveling and participating in triathlons. Dr. Simmons is a living testament to the benefits of living a well-balanced lifestyle.

Mission Statement

Simmons Medical Clinic provides an empowering environment in which all people are inspired to pursue optimal health and well-being while being complete and satisfied with every interaction.

“High-level wellness is an integrated method of functioning…maximizing the potential of the individual…”
Halbert L. Dunn, M.D., PhD
Chief, National Office of Vital Statistics
U.S. Public Health Service