Simmons Medical Clinic, P.A. and Center for Health & Wellness


THANK YOU Dr. Simmons! I've been going through a lot in my life and have some extreme stressI didn't think I could overcome. You listened, worked with me and I am actually feeling better during this crazy time. I can breathe again!
M.D. - Chicago, IL
Since I started seeing Dr. Simmons I feel night and day. I thought I was dying and didn’t know what was wrong. I was passing out when sneezing, tingling in arms and no one knew what was wrong. No one else thought to think about it, but Dr. Simmons discovered my hormones were out of whack. He has actually fixed me. I would say on most days I am 70% better than before and some days 90% better. Now, my quality of life is much improved. I don’t mind driving the four hours and 45 minutes to get here because I don’t feel like I am dying anymore.
Chad J. - Aurora, NE
Today's patients want to be heard and be given other solutions than just a prescription. This is your avenue to feel better.
Nancy M.
I was afraid I might die. Dr. Simmons saved my life using his natural approach. My life is really good now. I am grateful he is able to do what he does.
Carol H. Joplin, MO